jueves, 20 de mayo de 2021

massive crochet & layers

As the weather has not been particularly springlike, I've been wearing different layers over my summery clothes. I've tried to avoid coats, so it's time to some knits and jackets to come out to play. This massive crochet cardi/thing is a difficult piece to style, it has to be worn by itself with a minimal accessorizing and many other requirements for minimal comfort. So I wear it only a few spring/autumn days when it's chilly but not rainy. Actually it's heavy and feels like wearing a massive fishing net made of wool (it is what it is!) and it easily gets caught on door knobs. It's one of the less sensible clothes I own, I'm a huge fan of comfort, And I Don't Care. Because it makes me feel like a Million Bucks. ;DD

Como el tiempo no está siendo nada primaveral, es el momento de usar superposiciones para poder llevar ropa más veraniega. Intento evitar los abrigos, que ya se hacen aburridos, así que uso más prendas de punto y chaquetas. Esta especie de chaqueta de ganchillo me gusta, pero es difícil de combinar, hay que llevarla sola, con accesorios mínimos y conlleva muchas otras exigencias para que sea cómoda. Así que me la puedo poner sólo unos pocos días de entretiempo, que haga fresco pero no llueva. Y además, pesa bastante, es como llevar una enorme red de pesca hecha de lana (tal como parece) y se engancha en los pomos de las puertas. En resumen, es una de las prendas menos prácticas que tengo, y soy una fanática de la comodidad, pero No Me Importa Nada. Porque tiene otras cualidades, como que me hace sentir estupendamente, ;DD

- massive crochet cardi, made by me / chaqueta de ganchillo masiva
- blouse, CandA (old) / blusa
- trousers, sewed by me / pantalón, costura casera
- shoes, elementérre (old) / zapatos
- bag, a present (old) / bolsito
This is something I wore last week, it was a chilly morning when going to work so I wrapped myself in my rainjacket, even if no rain was forecasted. These burned velvet trousers were revamped, as I added a side panel and removed its lining, to make them wide legged instead of fitted. They're quite sheer and floaty now, so I wore my Snag shorts in matchy 'Beach Bum' colour, for warmth and comfort! (not sponsored, I buy my own stuff). These shorts are supposed to keep you cool in the heat, but I prefer to wear them in spring/autumn, it's too hot in our spanish summer for any tights (in my opinion).
Esto es algo que me puse la semana pasada, y como hacía fresco por la mañana, le añadí encima mi chaqueta impermeable (aunque ni llovía ni estaba previsto que lo hiciera). Este pantalón de terciopelo devoré es otra prenda reformada, le quité el forro y le añadí esta tira a todo lo largo de la pierna, para hacerlo más ancho, en vez del estilo ajustado que tenía. Así que ahora son mucho más fluídos ¡y transparentes!, así que me puse unos shorts de Snag en un color que combina perfecto (no me patrocinan, me compro mis propias cosas). Estos shorts se supone que son adecuados para el verano y te mantienen fresquita y tal, pero yo prefiero llevarlos en entretiempo, me parece que el verano español no está hecho para medias ni aunque sean cortas, por lo menos en mi opinión.

- rainjacket, Lighthouse (old) / impermeable
- cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaquetita punto
- shirt, CandA (old) / camisa
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- brooch, a present (old) / broche
- pendant, ages ago / colgante de hace siglos
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- scarf, charity shop / pañuelo, de Cáritas
- orange trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- turquoise gingham blouse, sewed by me (old) / blusa de cuadros vichy en turquesa
- sporty trousers, 4x4 (old) / pantalón deportivo

Have a fabulous (and safe) weekend!

Que tengáis un fin de semana estupendo.

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  1. Such lovely colour combinations, Monica! Turquoise and pink, orange and black and blue and orange - lovely. Loved everything especially the crocheted cardi - what size needles did you use? They must have been the size of rolling pins! I liked how you alter the fitted trousers to be loose with the addition of a a side panel. Your accessories were wonderful. I'm with you in this un spring like weather; layering is the key.

    Have a great weekend

    1. So glad you like these colours, dear Verónica!.
      The crochet needle is Massive, I have to take a photo of it to show its size. Anyway, a single stitch is massive!
      Totally agree that layering is the key!

  2. I'm madly in love with your massive crochet cardi, the colour is wonderful! Did you crochet it on a broomstick? My Mum used to make shawls with them! Your colour choices are sublime, I seem to be living in black recently! xxx

    1. Lovely that you love it, it's a statement piece!. I used a crochet needle, a massive one!, I've seen some tutorials on crocheting using just your hand to create rugs and blankets (it looks interesting!)
      I've been wearing a lot of black colour last weeks too!

  3. awww - this avantgarde couture cardigan made by you! fabulous!!!
    looks gorgeous with this trousers and the handbag is so cool..... genius revamp of the other trousers - did this too to - especially with little sweaters and a beloved dress.
    and - like vix - i do love the colours in all 3 outfits <3

    1. Love to have an 'avantgarde Couture cardigan' it makes me feel sophisticated!
      I think that adding a side panel is an easy revamp that anybody can make, totally recommend it!
      So lovely that you love the colours!, so joyful!

  4. Your massive crochet vest is absolutely stunning - and not one for shrinking violets, I'm sure. Who said clothes had to be sensible anyway? The trousers you paired it with are gorgeous too, and they look absolutely perfect with the black top and the minimal jewellery!
    I love how you revamped those velvet trousers to make them wide-legged, and how cute is that bird brooch!
    You are a sight for sore eyes in all three of your outfits, Monica! xxx

    1. Mwhwha, love the 'who said clothes had to be sensible?' attitude!, this has put a smile on my face!
      Thank you for your comments, they bring me so much joy!

  5. The cardigan is one of those pieces that makes you feel fabulous, but is difficult to wear. I have a couple of pieces like that and can only wear them in very particular circumstances. It is an awesome piece of wearable art.
    We finally got some warm weather this past week but then it got soooo hot! I hope it's not going to be a super hot summer like we had last year.

    1. I think that this kind of 'difficult to wear' clothes are like the spices in cooking!, they add something different and interesting!
      Hoping for a pleasant summer this year!

  6. There are practical clothes and then there are Clothes I Love! And that includes impractical things like this giant and wonderful cardigan!

    All of your colourful outfits make me feel so happy!