lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018

paisley & autumn

We're having some sunny days and temperatures have even risen as the days pass. So I've decided to make the most out of it and wear my summer dresses before storing (some of) them. I think that this beach dress is going to stay in my wardrobe, as it layers nicely under or over another clothes. This means lots of possibilities!
I wore this beach dress with a red coat on Thursday, with a raincoat on Friday and with a summer trench on Saturday, when weather was unseasonably hot!. I'm used to repeat and restyle same clothes frequently, so I'm also used to wear a dress twice in a row (not in summer, obviously, except when I take my dress directly from the clothes line because it went into the washing machine the day before).
Hope you enjoy this kind of challenge of creating different ensembles with a few pieces. Well, they're not really a few pieces, but you get the idea!. You can join Michelle who leads a campaign in Instagram with #stylingnotshopping or #shoppingfromthewardrobe tags (via Vintage Vixen)
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!

Estamos teniendo unos días bastante soleados, incluso han subido las temperaturas según pasaban los días. Así que he decidido aprovecharlo al máximo y ponerme esos vestidos de verano que deberían estar ya guardados hasta la primavera. Creo que concretamente este vestido se va a quedar, porque funciona muy bien en superposiciones. Tiene muchas posibilidades.
Así que me puse este vestido playero con un abrigo rojo el jueves, con un impermeable el viernes y con una gabardina de verano el sábado, cuando hacía un calor totalmente extraño para la época del año. Suelo repetir y remezclar la misma ropa frecuentemente, y también suelo ponerme el mismo vestido dos veces seguidas (no en verano, evidentemente, a no ser que coja el vestido directamente del tendedero porque ya lo he lavado)
Espero que os guste esta especie de reto de crear diferentes combinaciones con unos mismos elementos. Bueno, no son exactamente los mismos, pero supongo que captáis la idea!. Podéis uniros a Michelle que ha iniciado una campaña en Instagram con las etiquetas #stylingnotshopping y #shoppingfromthewardrobe (via Vintage Vixen), para que compremos menos y con más conciencia.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible!

- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- red coat, La Redoute (last year) / abrigo rojo, del año pasado
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas, antigüitas
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, tienda local
- scarf, charity shop (old) / pañuelo, de un mercadillo solidario

- raincoat, Lighthouse (old) / abrigo impermeable, antiguo
- sarong as a scarf, ages ago / pareo a modo de pañuelo, de hace siglos
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- sneakers, Nike (outlet) / zapatillas

- summer trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina de verano
- red pants, Festa (old) / pantalón rojo
- necklace, Aïta (ages ago) / collar, antigüito
- bag, Surkana (very old) / bolsito
- earrings, made by me / pendientes, fabricación casera

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  1. I'm glad you're having good weather, it means we can admire that fabulous paisley print dress for a bit longer! xxx

  2. Love that paisley print dress, and I think it looks especially fab combined with red. Our weather's been unseasonable as well, but I've already done my wardrobe change and have to improvise. Oh, and I do sometimes wear my dress two days in a row as well ;-) Besos xxx

  3. What a versatile paisley dress that is! It looks fabulous in every permutation you've presented it and you look so stylish in every photo. I absolutely love your African print scarf in the first photo.

    Hope the good weather continues!

  4. How fabulous! You are just the master (mistress?) of colour - I so admire your wonderful bold choices! What a great dress.

  5. Yes, your beach dress should really stay in your wardrobe during winter as you styled it perfectly for the colder season! I try also wearing my summer dresses during the colder seasons and sometimes it works and sometimes not :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. That's a wonderful dress and I love how you've styled it in different ways. Paisley always seems like an autumn print to me anyway.

  7. Red and blue is always a good idea and I definetly agree, you dress should stay in the wardrobe during winter. You styled it perfectly for the colder days my dear. Perfect.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  8. That dress is a great layering piece - it works beautifully with so many other colours (and patterns!)

  9. Yo always look amazing!! I hope you've been well and have a great week :)) xx

  10. Paisley craze-ly!! Awesome colour, energy, style. I love how you do it up. Like you, I wear clothes in a row as well. When it feels good, I want to keep feeling good, right? It's time for me to start my summer/winter wardrobe switch too. It's not easy to know when the summer coats should switch to winter.
    Thanks for this blast! Have a great week.

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