lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

purple layers

It is not news that I like layers, and I'm used to wear two coats or two jackets, one under the other. I own some coats which are not suitable for real winter, but they could be worn as long jackets under a puff coat. My tip is to pay attention to proportion and comfort.
I don't want to look like somebody who dressed up in the darkness (even if I do it, because I dress up before dawn!), and tails of fabric poking out a coat can look really funny. I like a 'short over long' ensemble, asymmetric pieces and edgy style, but that's not the point!
Comfort is also very important to me, because I don't want to feel inmovilized into my clothes. I'm one of that strange persons who are used to take buses, climb stairs or walk through city parks (I think that some designers have decided to ignore our Real Life). So I pay attention to fitting; my puff coats are a little bit roomy, on the contrary, my light coats are usually fitted, so they're perfect for layering.
Lots of layering still to come!
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No es noticia que me gustan las superposiciones, y que suelo ponerme dos abrigos o dos chaquetas una encima de la otra. Tengo unos cuantos abrigos que no sirven tal cual para invierno, pero que pueden llevarse a modo de chaqueta debajo de un acolchado. El truco es cuidar de las proporciones y de la comodidad.
No quiero que parezca que me he vestido a oscuras (aunque en realidad sí que lo hago, porque es de noche todavía cuando me visto!) y llevar 'colas' de tela asomando por debajo del abrigo es algo chocante. Me gusta la superposición de prendas cortas sobre otras largas, las asimetrías y el estilo arriesgado, pero este no es el caso!
También me importa el confort, porque no me apetece sentirme inmovilizada de tanta ropa. Soy de esa gente tan rara que suele usar el transporte público, subir escaleras o cruzar por un parque (creo que algunos diseñadores han decidido ignorar que vivimos en la Vida Real). Así que me fijo en cómo se ajusta la ropa: los acolchados suelen quedarme un poquito flojos, en cambio, las chaquetas y abrigos ligeros son más ajustados, así que pueden superponerse.
Más superposiciones en morado próximamente!
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- puff coat, Punto Roma (old) / abrigo acolchado
- purple coat, ebay (second hand) / abrigo morado
- cord pants, October (very old) / pantalón
- tunic, La Redoute (old) / túnica
- booties, Clarks (old) / botas
- bag and scarf, retail / bolso y bufanda, tiendas locales
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo

8 comentarios:

  1. Great layering tips, Sra., and you look marvelous. Love that hat! xo


  2. Hehe, how come we are such funny people who climb stairs and use transport, instead of just posing in front of the camera in our pretty clothes? :)) You look amazing - colors, layers, everything! You know, it never even crossed my mind to wear two coats at once. Wouldn't it feel too restricting? Looking at you, it doesn't - it really works!

  3. I love this lesson in layering. I wouldn't have considered layering coats but you have shown how effective it can be. Great splashes of colour on your top are a joyful reveal too!
    Wishing you a great week x

  4. I love your layering and wearing two coats on top of each other is a good idea if you want to stay warm. The colours really go well with your hair! I couldn't agree more in that designers sometimes forget about that thing called Real Life! Besos xxx

  5. layers keep you warm. And you can take them off if it gets too hot. "real life" and "designers", you're cracking me up

  6. Warm and cozy yet colourful and stylish! Real life indeed.


  7. I've doubled up on coats a few times here. It's Canada and it gets cold!

    I adore the purple and teal colour combo. One of my all time favourites.


  8. Oh, all this purple, you look so lovely! I have never layered coats before - it had never occurred to me! Thanks for the idea! Yes, designers do not dress for Real Life.