domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

turquoise tunic & purple

Doing the groceries shopping at the local market.

Haciendo la compra en el mercado.

You know that running errands is one of my favorite activities. I'm that wild!. So my pictures are taken when I'm visiting the old market, or looking for something at the haberdashery, or chatting with somebody at a retail shop. Not very glamourous, but that's Real Life!

Ya sabéis cuánto me gusta hacer la compra, soy así de salvaje!!. Así que las fotos suelo tomarlas cuando voy a la plaza de abastos, o busco algo en una mercería, o me pongo a charlar con alguien en un pequeño comercio. No es que sea el colmo del glamour, pero así es mi Vida Real!

- tunic-shirt, C&A (tie&dye by myself) / túnica, del C&A, con un teñido casero
- leggings, la Redoute (old)
- sandals, Inter-bios (old) / sandalias
- kinda cardi, 4x4 (old) / especie de chaqueta de ganchillo
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, regalo de Sacramento
- crochet starfishes / estrellas de mar de ganchillo

8 comentarios:

  1. You look so fun in this outfit...especially the specs.
    I'm sure I'd want to come and chat if I saw you on the street.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I'm loving your outfit and those specs are amazing! xxx

  3. You look chic and comfortable! I love your glasses and that lovely necklace.

    Have a great week


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  5. Perfect summer look Monica!
    Those funky glasses and cool (but comfortable) shoes make the whole look sing!! XXX

  6. What a cute outfit. What a wonderful market. You are blueberry blue!!

  7. Just because most of our lives are taken up with regular mundane things like going to the market, etc. doesn't mean we don't like to dress up. You always have such fun accessories!