domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

big bold printed dress

(Once more) We're going to have visitors at home for some days, so my blogging activities are slowing down a little. I like to have visitors, even if sometimes I'm busy as a bee, but I suspect that I've been too optimistc this time. Because my right wrist have to be inmobilized for a week or so, and that means no computer for me (at least, not so many hours than usual). Yes, I've managed to suffer another stupid lesion, when my ankle is still not operative. I don't know if my body is sending me a message to take it easy, but I'm going to do it for sure!

(De nuevo) Vamos a tener visitas en casa unos días, así que mis actividades blogueras van a reducirse un poco. Me gustan las visitas, incluso si estoy unos días muy ocupada, pero esta vez sospecho que he sido demasiado optimista. Porque tengo la muñeca derecha inmovilizada una semana por lo menos, y eso significa nada de ordenador (al menos, nada de largas horas en el ordenador como acostumbro). Sí, me las he arreglado para hacerme otra estúpida lesión, cuando aún no he recuperado el uso del tobillo. No sé si es que mi cuerpo me manda un mensaje para que me relaje un poco, pero voy a hacerle caso, seguro!

This is what I worn last week to go to work! / Esto me lo puse la semana pasada para ir a trabajar.

- dress, self sewed (years ago) / vestido, costura propia
- trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina
- leggings, La Redoute
- little beret, by Démo / boinita, regalo de Démo
- striped t-shirt, C&A / camiseta rayas
- shoes, El Naturalista (sales!) / zapatos, de rebajas!!

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  1. I broke into a big grin when I saw these photos. OOOOH, how I love your colour, and this dress you're wearing is one of my all-time favourites from your closet. I hope your body mends quickly! Your guests will understand and give you treats to speed your recovery.

  2. That dress is really making a bold statement. Hope your ankle and wrist are on the mend soon. xxx

  3. That dress is one of my all-time favourites of yours! All the colours in this outfit remind me of a delicious summer cocktail. I hope you get a chance to rest up and let your body repair itself.

  4. Thinking of you at this challenging time.
    You make me smile looking at your laughing colourful self!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I LOVE seeing this dress...
    It is one of my favourite things (of yours) and I am always impressed that you made it. (Even though I already know you made it, I still check where you got it if it might change and I could buy my own! :oP)

    I love the shape and the colours and the funky design.
    This whole outfit is fun and fabulous and the colours are juicy and a summery fruit salad.
    Love it!!

  6. What a fabulous outfit, I never get tired of seeing that funky tunic, it's wonderful.
    Hope the wrist heals and that you have a ball with your visitors. xxx

  7. Oh you do look lovely in your orange and pink outfit! So cheerful and summery.

    Yes, we have to listen to our bodies and if you think you need to do less - then do less.

    Have a lovely week



  8. I think you got the message right, Monica! Take it easy and enjoy yourself! I just love how happy you look on these photos - what a fantastic colorful outfit!!