martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

sunny inside

We're having some Real Winter weather finally, after a few spring-like warm days (which I enjoyed to the full!). And this is what I've worn (under my coat), layers and layers, and tall boots. Because it's all rain and black coats outside, but sunny inside!.
I'm still busy as a bee, first managing all the bureaucreacy involved in having a new home, and then planning a refurbishment and painting some walls!. At least I'm playing with some colors!
Linking Visible Monday, and IwillwearwhatIlike because they rock!.

Finalmente, estamos teniendo un tiempo de Invierno De Verdad, después de unos días que parecían de primavera totalmente y que he disfrutado todo lo posible. Y esto es lo que me he puesto (debajo del abrigo, claro), capas y capas, y botas altas. Porque por fuera puede que sea todo lluvia y abrigos negros, pero por dentro todo es soleado!
Sigo ocupadísima, primero arreglando la burocracia que conlleva cambiar de casa, y luego planeando algunos arreglos y pintando paredes!. Al menos estoy jugando con colores!
Enlazo a Visible Monday, y también a IwillwearwhatIlike porque molan mucho!

- vintage skirt from my mom's wardrobe / falda antigüita del armario de mi madre
- jacket, Lulu-H / chaqueta
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- t-shirt, 4x4 / camiseta
- necklace, Sfera (ages ago) / collar, de Sfera, de hace siglos

Spring-like Saturday morning
Primaveral mañana de sábado

13 comentarios:

  1. Good luck with all your renovations! And I agree, it's sunny inside if we choose it. xo


  2. This looks like your other house! Of course it's your furniture.
    Your winter gear is so lovely and dresses up the place.
    All the best with the admin and reno!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. it's still my old home (I've not moved my books yet), but they're not going to look very different at my new home!
      thanks, dear lady!

  3. Lovely to see a glimpse of your home! Great outfit, gorgeous blazer! xxx

  4. I love how your jacket echoes the colours in the skirt - a bit of serendipity or did you buy the jacket to match the skirt? I also love how your bag and dress match in the second photo - lovely!

    Lovely outfit and you do look sunny inside!!


    1. absolute serendipity!, never thought about mixing these two items, until I saw them together!

  5. I am completely taken with this combination! I don't believe seeing this jacket before - I'd remember such a unique beauty. Is it new? Great combined with this skirt and yellow shirt, and the necklace is perfect! Good luck with the finishing touches, though probably still lots of work. But it's worth it - you'll live in a new home soon! How cool is that! :)

  6. Love when the winter sun warms up the living room. Yes, winter does happen in south Georgia

  7. I love all these patterns and colours dancing together in your outfit, it's gorgeous. I love the sunshine warming everything up, I can't wait till it comes back here :)) Besos xx

  8. Me encantas siempre y tú lo sabes.
    Frío? hasta el moquillo lo tengo helado en la Costa del Sol, jajjajja
    Aunque claro aquí la semana que viene ya volvemos a 20 o 22.
    Mil besos amiga mía

  9. Lovely how the colours of the necklace and the jacket blend together and then more subtle colours in the skirt. Beautiful.
    I love this indoor shot especially as I love seeing full bookcases!

  10. Oh yes, rain and black coats, we have that here too - which is why you look so magnificent!, as you always do. The home-changing sounds exciting. The link-ups rock, as you say. I'll try to see you there.

  11. I don't enjoy moving, but I do enjoy re-arranging my furniture, etc. to fit a new space. Nice pattern and colour mixing!