lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016


Even if I've become a huge fan of bright colors, I'm still a black color lover, as it's like an old friend whom you can always resort to. I like particularly any graphic print or pattern in black and white, so these pants were really appealing to me when I saw them before sales, and really irresistible at discount price. They're comfy, hang nicely, and are made of polyester which means they're absolutely unwrinklable (one of my favorite qualities!), even if that also means they're not suitable for summertime (if Summer is going to be so crazy than actual Winter , I'm not that sure)

Aunque me he vuelto muy aficionada a los colores vivos, todavía sigue gustándome mucho el color negro, que viene a ser como un viejo amigo al que siempre puedes recurrir. Me gusta especialmente cualquier estampado gráfico en blanco y negro, así que estos pantalones me parecieron muy atrayentes antes de las rebajas, y ya irresistibles cuando los rebajaron. Son comodísimos, tienen muy buena caída y son de poliéster, lo que significa que no se arrugan Nunca (una de mis cualidades favoritas), aunque también significa que no los llevaré en pleno verano (y si el verano va a ser tan loco como este invierno que estamos teniendo, tampoco estoy segura)

- pants, Punto Roma / pantalón
- cardi, La Redoute (very old) / chaquetita punto, antigua
- striped coat, from a friend's lumber room / abrigo de rayas, del trastero de una amiga
- sequined scarf, a present / bufanda con lentejuelas, un regalo
- striped t-shirt, C&A / camiseta rayas
- brogues, the Seeker (old)
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
- bird brooch, nicely fixed after it broke a piece! / broche, estupendamente arreglado después de que se le rompiera alguna pieza, de Bisutería Minia
- jacket, ebay / chaqueta
- blue turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto azul
- boots, Dr. Martens / botas

Joining the party at Visible Monday, enjoying all that IWillWearWhatIlike fabulousness, and last but not least, wearing a little bit of Sapphire: 52 Pick-Me-Up.

Acudiendo a la fiesta de los Lunes Visibles, disfrutando de la fabulosidad de llevar lo que quiero en IWillWearWhatIlike, y por último (y no menos importante), poniéndome un toque de azul zafiro en Sapphire: 52 Pick-Me-Up

10 comentarios:

  1. Fabulous! I love the pattern mixing and the gorgeous brooch. Have a wonderful week, xox


  2. I totally agree! Black and white patterns are fabulous. You've paired them so well with the red and then with the blue - you look fantastic.

    I love the bird theme with the brooch and the ring!

    Ciao xxx


  3. You look fantastic in both variations! There is a relaxed elegance about them, and a true artistic spirit. I am also a fan of black and white! With a touch of bright color! :)

  4. I am loving your pattern mixing and great big splashes of colour...that bag is so cool!
    The red is my favorite look, not so much for the colours or combinations (they are both beautiful) but for the joy on your face!
    That first photo has brightened my day....and the striped coat/jacket is fantastic piece.
    I am also loving your accessorising...colour, pattern, texture and (most important of all) FUN!
    Fabulous, as always!

  5. I love both these outfits, you're like a groovy gangster! The cropped jacket is particularly lovely on you. xxx

  6. when a was a punk (way back in the 1970's) all I owned was black, white and red clothes. I've gown to enjoy color since then. Both outfits rock

  7. Great pattern mixes and the pops of colour are awesome! I would love it if you popped over to my blog and added this post to my bloggers link. I think my readers would really like your style!

  8. Black and white with pops of red and blue is a favourite look of mine too! The bird brooch and Emily bag add an element of playfulness.

  9. I was thinking how great those trousers look with red, and then I scrolled down to see they look equally fabulous with blue! Sometimes it's fun to go back to black, just for a while! Xxx

  10. Gorgeous, the pattern keeps the black from being boring...this is fantastic xx