lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2015

she's a lady

These days we've had visitors at home, so I've taken some pics of one of my mom's outfits, as she was looking particularly cool and elegant!. I've enjoyed it so much than I've been thinking on photographing many other stylish ladies I'm used to see around the city. Actually, I'm shy, and have no time to make it, but it's a pretty nice project!
Having visitors at home is really funny but it's also sometimes a little bit exhausting if you're an introvert as I'm. Some massive meals were cooked and consumed, and now everything is very quiet for a while, until next massive dinner on the 31th of December, and next one on 5th of January too (we celebrate a holiday on Reyes Magos here)
We've almost finished our search for a new home and there's a prospect of moving next month, so holidays are welcome!

Estos días hemos tenido visitas en casa, así que he aprovechado para sacarle unas fotos a mi madre, en un momento en que se puso particularmente elegante y estupenda. Me ha gustado tanto que he estado pensando en sacar fotos a otras estilosas damas que suelo ver por la ciudad. En realidad, soy muy tímida, y tampoco tendría tiempo, pero sería un proyecto de verdad genial!
Tener visitas en casa es muy divertido, pero también me deja algo cansada, porque soy un tanto introvertida y enseguida me agobio. Hemos hecho las típicas comidas enormísimas, y ahora todo está bastante tranquilo por el momento, hasta la próxima cena monstruosa de Noche Vieja, y la siguiente de Noche de Reyes también, tremendo plan!
Casi hemos acabado con la búsqueda de nueva casa, y hay perspectivas de mudarnos el mes que viene, así que todas las vacaciones son bienvenidas!

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11 comentarios:

  1. I love these photos of your mum; great style!
    I understand about the visiting, how it's lots of fun but also tiring when you're used to a quieter life. I'm excited about your move! I hope it works out.

  2. ¡Qué buena modelo tu madre! Suerte con la mudanza. Felices fiestas.

  3. Tu madre es siempre una gran modelo y una inspiración!!!

  4. Your Mum is stylish too. I see where you get it from!
    Love the zebra shoes and the tucked skirt. Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. your Mom is so stylish.

    Good luck on the move

  6. Fantastic mom and her style. Super shoes:)
    Good luck on the move-I would come in handy movement...

  7. You and your Mom have the same fab taste in shoes! You can see where you got your love of colour from - your Mom has wonderful style.

  8. Fantastic pictures, such great style :))) Happy New Year my dear xx

  9. I can see where you get your style from! Like mother, like daughter. And those brogues she's wearing - fantastic!
    Happy New Year to you, Monica.

  10. Your Mum is a very stylish lady! Wonderful pattern play and shapes! I'm like you - I find it fascinating to take photos of others, interview them - but I also can be shy with strangers. Happy New Year to you, and all the very best on your moving!

  11. Your Mom is so stylish! I should photograph my Mom. She wears the same outfit for years. No joke. I do not take after my Mom like you do.

    I LOVE her shoes!