sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

purple jacket & orange

As I promised, I'm wearing once more my new purple jacket, this time with some orange color. It's a halloweeny color combo, very season-appropriate!. And it's also a funny ensemble to wear, and you know how much I love to have fun with whatever I wear!. Fun factor is very important!.
There was a trench coat over this ensemble, but I didn't take pics wearing it, because I disliked how it looked finally. My coats are out of my lumber room, but it's taking me some time to make my mojo work on Winter position!.
Have a nice weekend!

Como prometí, me he puesto de nuevo mi chaqueta morada, esta vez con naranja. Es una combinación de colores muy de halloween, muy apropiada para la época del año. Y es también algo divertido de llevar, y ya sabéis cuańto me gusta hacer de todo esto algo divertido. El Factor Diversión es muy importante!
Llevaba un abrigo por encima, claro, pero no me saqué fotos llevándolo, porque no me gustó cómo quedaba finalmente. Se ve que he sacado los abrigos del trastero, pero me está llevando tiempo hacer que me funcione el 'mojo' en posición invierno.
Que paséis buen fin de semana!

- purple jacket, ebay / chaqueta morada
- skirt, self sewed (old) / falda, costura propia
- tights, HYD / medias
- maryjanes, Tuk (last year) / merceditas, del año pasado
- striped t-shirt, c&a / camiseta rayas
- white bag, Parfois / bolsito blanco
- old neckerchief / pañuelo antigüito

11 comentarios:

  1. nice fall outfit, love the lizard. I have one in "gold". It was almost 90 here this afternoon, it's hard to keep dressing in summer clothes. I want to jump into some jumpers

  2. Esa chaqueta ceñida a la cintura es pura poesía, amiga mía.
    Seguro que iluminas las calles de Logroño.
    Mil besos siempre.

  3. Your purple jacket is fantastic with mustard and with orange. And the pattern on the skirt you made is wonderful. I agree - fun factor is key. It also takes me time to adjust to a new season's clothing.

  4. OOooooo....I actually let out a little squeal as your photograph popped up... I LOVE this!
    Colour expoding, patterns erupting...kaboom!
    Where to start???
    The purple jacket, the long sleeved breton popping out, the orange with the purple, the white accents, those beautiful tights....those AMAZING shoes!!!
    I am a little bit in love with those shoes...chunky and fabulous.
    Fun (and style) by the bucket load.
    A great outfit.
    Fake Fabulous

  5. Ooo, Monica, this is such an awesome outfit!! The pattern on the skirt is adorable, the match of the jacket with the tights, the shoes, it's all just perfect. I still haven't figured out how to dress for the fall yet.

  6. A stunning colour combo. I love orange and purple together, like an explosion in a jewellery box! xxx

  7. I love that the orange of your skirt is framed by that gorgeous purple jacket and the tights. Your skirt is a beautiful print with the birds on it. But what really caught my eye, is your diamante gecko sitting on your lapel. It immediately reminded me of the pair of geckos that come out early in the evening to hunt flies on one particular wall of the house my in-laws live in in France. When we visit them, I love watching them (the geckos that is no the inlaw!) scampering up and down the walls in the evening. What a beautiful creature your gecko is.

  8. Purple and orange - I love it! Is the jacket Laura Ashley? It look just like mine (from a charity shop, of course!) xxx

  9. How much do I love that skirt?

    This outfit is eclectic, colourful and joyous. Fabulous!


  10. How much do I love that skirt?

    This outfit is eclectic, colourful and joyous. Fabulous!


  11. Oh my goodness, what a sight for sore eyes. The purple and the stripes and the orange and ABOVE ALL, your hair!! Just fabulous.



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