lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015

tartan & plaid


Joining this week theme at Share-In-Style: Plaid! with a recapitulation of my most loved tartan & plaid ensembles.
I'm working in a sewing project wich involved a pair of Mr.A.'s pajama plaid shirts and a touch of frankenstein magic, or Frank N.Furter's style, mwahhaha

Uniéndome al tema de esta semana en Share-In-Style: Tartan / Plaid, con una recopilación de mis momentos escoceses favoritos, juas.
Estoy metida en un proyecto de costura sobre un par de camisas de pijama de Mr.A., escocesas también, al estilo frankenstein, o más bien Frank N. Furter, mwahaha.

7 comentarios:

  1. Fabulous collection of tartan looks, a little bit punk, too...

  2. That is plaid perfection!
    Hope you are doing well!
    Sorry if not around much, i'm trying to find my pace and time!


  3. I really think red might be your signature colour, you look so very good in it! Loving all the tartan looks, you rock plaid all year round! xxx

  4. You and red plaid make the perfect team! That little black and white plaid dress is so adorable - I would wear it with my red converse.

  5. You are just the best and putting an outfit together. Love that mustard long cardigan, graphic top and plaid the best!

  6. Hmm, I 'm guessing you like plaid? Rocking it all year round...oh yeah! xo JJ

  7. Madre mía!! Que hermosa colección de plaid de todo tipo tienes!!! Es fantástico!! No puedo decidirme por uno solo... son todos fantásticos.