lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

rain & black & visible

I'm wearing for the first time this vest sewed by myself, and it's my first lined garment!. I've used another piece of the huge amount of fabric bought at our local flea market, which was incredibly cheap!, and a satiny orange lining purchased for the ocassion. As I'm not a competent seamstress, a simple vest was difficult enough for me, so please, do not judge me with severity!
Linking to Visible Monday, wrapped in a coat but still visible!

Estrenando este chaleco largo que me he fabricado yo misma, y es la primera prenda que hago forrada. He usado otro trozo del montón de tela que compré en el mercadillo local, que fue increíblemente barata, y también un forro satinado naranja que compré para la ocasión. Como no soy precisamente una costurera experta, este sencillo chaleco ya fue bastante difícil, así que no me juzguéis duramente!
Y enlazo al Visible Monday Lunes Visible, toda envuelta en abrigos, pero todavía visible!

- New Glasses / Gafas Nuevas!!
- coat, Anne Weyburn (old) / abrigo
- red cardigan, Punto Roma (old) / chaqueta punto roja
- shorts, made of an old pair of pants / shorts, hechos de un viejo par de pantalones
- woolen tights, Condor (old) / leotardos
- boots, Fly London (old) / botas

9 comentarios:

  1. Oh congratulations on your sewing - the vest is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it, and your whole look, with Visible Monday, xox.

  2. Magnificent vest! I have never made anything with lining so you are a sewing goddess. The fabric is awesome. And I love your new striped glasses. Thanks for the closeup view.

  3. I wouldn't dream of judging you - you've made a fantastic waistcoat, and lined it, and that's quite an achievement (certainly more than I am managing at the moment...) And you look fabulous in shorts! xxx

  4. What a marvelous vest - love the fabric you chose and the colour of the lining. Bravo to you!!! You are rocking the shorts with the long vest, and the new glasses suit your style perfectly. I just love your outfits :)

  5. You look great and you made a vest with lining that looks great on you. The only judging I am doing is to pronounce you awesome. I always think I am going to sew but then I don't. Your new glasses are so fun and I LOVE the shorts with tights outfit. I've always enjoyed that look but never find the right shorts to create that look in a way that feels like me. xoxo

  6. Pues el chaleco te ha quedado de muerte... Las gafas son pura esencia Allnut.
    Todo un acierto

  7. Las gafas son rabiosamente divertidas mi querida Señora Allnut!! Y ese chaleco me ha dejado muertica de gusto, totalmente Mod!! Si es que cada look tuyo es como una golosina para mis ojos! Un besazo.

  8. You're so cool :))) I love the vest you made, it's amazing!! And these new glasses are so perfect, I love it all :))) Amazing amazing you are Xxx

  9. Adorable! Really wonderful ... so you, and it looks from here like you did an excellent job. You should be so proud of yourself. The print is charming and you can wear this all year. It's satisfying to just spend time looking at it, isn't it? I'm looking at shift dresses for this spring, and thinking about maybe doing one myself! I might not be able to do vintage, or pre-owned, but I can sew a little!