miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Weekly Fav Dress

I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses, and this is something I've decided to do every week. Making the most of my wardrobe, one dress at a time!.
This dress was bought at discount price, two years ago, and still love particularly its colorful floral print. It is supposed to be a summer dress, but never was worn in summer actually: polyester is pretty uncomfortable when it's really hot!. And there's another rule made to be broken, because some blue and green can be seen together!!

Me he puesto uno de mis vestidos favoritos, y es algo que he decidido que voy a hacer cada semana. Sacándole partido a mi guardarropa, vestido a vestido.
Este vestido fue comprado rebajadísimo, hace dos años, y aún me encanta el estampado tan colorido que tiene. Se supone que es un vestido de verano, pero nunca lo he llevado como tal, el poliéster no me parece nada cómodo cuando hace calor. Y además, me he puesto verde y azul juntos, que es algo que dicen que no debe hacerse!!

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- dress, Evans / vestido
- crochet cardi, years ago / chaqueta de ganchillo, de hace años
- boots, DocMartens (last year) / botas, del año pasado
- beret and bag, retail / bolso y boina, tiendas locales
- leather jacket, ebay / chaqueta cuero
- pink turtleneck, H&M (old) / cuello vuelto rosa
- brooch, artisan piece / broche, artesanía

Actually I'm not used to watch a lot of tv, but I've recently watched a tv show called How do I look?, and I'm horrified!. They take a girl whith an unconventional personal style (you can like it or dislike it, but it's Her Personal Style) and instead of giving her some advice to make it better or to develop her own personality, they simply put pressure on her to transform her style into an absolutely conventional plain style. And they use the most cheap arguments, telling her that if she doesn't look 'profesional', she would never be take seriously and never have any success in her work. WTF!!. It sound like 'everybody must to fit a conventional rol', it sounds like fashion dictatorship!!.
Watching it was infuriating!. Even Mr.A. thought it was infuriating and call it some (untranslatable) bad names.

En realidad tampoco es que vea un montón la tele, pero hace poco he visto un programa que se llama 'Cambia de look' (How do I look?) y me he quedado horrorizada. Se presenta una chica con un estilo personal que se sale de lo convencional (puede que te guste o puede que no, pero es Su Estilo Personal) y en vez de darle consejos para mejorarlo o para desarrollar su personalidad, simplemente presionan para que transforme su estilo en algo totalmente plano y convencional. Y encima usan unos argumentos de lo más ramplón, como decirle que nunca la tomarán en serio ni tendrá éxito en su trabajo si no acepta vestirse de modo 'profesional'. Tremendo mensaje, la moraleja es 'todo el mundo tiene que ajustarse a lo convencional', totalmente dictatorial y opresivo!!
De verdad acabé exasperada. Incluso Mr.A. lo encontró irritante y le puso otro título, que no voy a repetir aquí, ejem.

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  1. What a great pattern, and yes - blue and green are beautiful together! Love how you styled it, in your very own colorful style!

    It's how most of us were raised though, personalities were buried under heavy sets of rules, including fashion. I'm not big on reading fashion magazines or watching shows of that type as you described either, but reading blogs about personal style is so liberating... but I got to be 40 before the ideas of my own free fashion style even entered my mind! How did you become Mrs Allnut that we all know? Were you raised by freedom loving people who encouraged your experimenting? When did it all begin for you? I'd be very interested to learn your story! xxx

    1. dear ladies, no problem to tell about my style evolution if you wish to read about it!, never thought it should be interesting for anybody!! mwahaha, you're absolutely lovely!

  2. I've never heard of that show but now I'm curious. I might need to try to find it online just so I can get mad too! LOL There are already far too many cookie cutter versions of what marketing agencies are shoving down our throats telling us is the "appropriate" style. What they need is an opposite version of this show.

    You are a walking smile of colour in this ensemble. I'm sure a tiny flock of birds follow you everywhere singing just because they are happy to be around you.


    1. the most funny & magnificent comment I've ever read!!!

  3. WOW. The colours are fantastic and looks so good on you. You are just so cute! I agree with Suzanne that we are just hit with gorgeous colour and gorgeous smile. I also agree want to second (no, I guess it's third) Natalia's questions. Do share!
    I agree with you about how horrifying all that homogeneous styling is, that concept that there is only one way to look professional though for many people I think it does reflect the reality of their workplace and I think most makeover shows or supposed fashion help shows are just putting people in the same boxes. You should have your own show and teach people how to let out their inner creative! I'd watch, for sure.

  4. Me gusta mucho como te has vestido hoy. Nunca había oído lo del verde y azul, en cualquier caso yo te veo muy bien combinada. No he visto el programa del que hablas pero me parece un horror. Un beso.

  5. Yes i'm back but you know i saw you on intagram
    But blogging is different
    About that show we have several around here...i'm surprise Suzanne never heard about some of them
    We have one that i hate and like you why destroy her personnal style with boring, boring alternative
    I guess they all want us to look the same, it's a big marketing machine, they want us to spend our cash on specific items- I uses to watch them for fun not anymore they make me angry.

    You look radiant with all your colors


  6. I can see why that dress is a favourite, i love the flirty length an the fabulous print and colours.
    That programme sounds dreadful, just the thing I's be shouting at and turning off in disgust. Its the 21st Century, employers award women jobs through merit, experience and qualification not by looking like a beige clad clone. xxx

  7. over here there's a show like that called What Not to Wear. When those awful pointy toed heels were popular, that's what you were supposed to wear, even if you couldn't walk in them. Hateful show

  8. El vestido es monísimo y muy ponible. No me gustan nada esos programas. Una cosa es que alguien quiera cambiar de look y le ayuden, y otra que le digan lo que tiene que hacer. Siempre me viene a la mente que seguro que los que opinan no aceptarían críticas sobre su estilo. Bueno, vamos a animarnos un poco. Que tengas un final de semana estupendo.

    Besos, Jasmine

  9. WOW!!! I love this look soooo much....my favourite colour...blue :))))) Amazing dress...looks perfect on you, I can understand you wearing it when it gets a little colder as the material can be very warming for the summer. It goes marvellously on you :) And this show, I have seen some like this and I think they're terrible viewing. Some in this world seem so determined to make everyone dress and do the same and it's wrong. I would never go on one of these shows or they would hear something from me, hahaha!! We are all free to be ourselves and should do so despite what anyone might say. Those people live boring lives...we live in colour :)))) Happy weekend to you my friend...besos!!

  10. What a good idea, highlighting a weekly favorite dress. And this one is fabulous, those colors! And standing among the autumn leaves, you look even more lovely in your ensemble. I can just hear those little birdies singing.

  11. I would definitely hate that television show and probably would be shouting at the TV screen like Vix! I loved that dress the first time I saw you wear it, and it looks sooo wonderful with your turquoise Docs.

  12. I understand it that this wonderful dress belongs to your favs and I love the decision you took! The pattern of the dress is for sure able to brighten each day!

    Thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog. You have a beautiful blog and now I wonder if you want to follow each other?

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  13. I love blue and green together, and I always wear summer dresses throughout the year, so we'll break the rules together, yes?!
    That TV show sounds hideous. I wonder why there is such a drive to have everyone look the same? So dull! xxx

  14. Blogging is so fun when we can reinforce each other's individual style. I'm sure the world is richer for it. I do get annoyed when I find bloggers who just buy into the whole shopping machine.
    I had a look at the show you mentioned and felt so sad, the person didn't look happy at all. They were really mean to her!
    If someone wants to look like a pirate queen for example, why shouldn't she? There is a whole school of thought that says looking "costumey" is bad. Why? She is wearing a decent coverup. Jumping up and down on my soapbox now!!
    Thank goodness for beautiful flowers like you who bloom so wonderfully in the style desert! I love how you always have matching accessories for all your looks, in colour! Keep blooming my friend :-) xo JJ

  15. Great outfit and your boots are amazing :)