jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014


I've been inspired by some fabulous ladies (and gentlemen) to wear my leggings layered as a transitional piece into spring season. And I've worn same outfit twice a week, trying different accessories every time. I'm used to change my morning outfit for a different one when going for a walk in the evening, so it's not so strange to wear same dress twice in a row. Or I think so!
Do you stay wearing same clothes all day long or do you change them?

Mi inspiración ha llegado de todas estas estupendísimas damas (y caballeros) para ponerme leggings en superposiciones, como una forma de entrar en la primavera. Y me he puesto casi lo mismo dos veces en esta semana, aunque con diferentes accesorios cada vez. Estoy acostumbrada a cambiarme la ropa de la mañana por otra cosa cuando salgo por la tarde, así que no se me hace raro ponerme dos veces el mismo vestido casi seguido. Es lo que me parece.
Y vosotras, ¿lleváis la misma ropa a lo largo de todo el día, o hacéis algún cambio?

- dress, October (winter sales) / vestido, rebajas febrero
- leggings, C&A (old)
- maryjanes, Hotter (new & comfy) / merceditas, nuevas y comodísimas
- bolero, a present by Fabulous Vintage Vixen / bolero, un regalo de la fabulosa Vintage Vixen
- shawl, a present / chal, un regalo
- necklace, Dayaday / collar
- bracelets, Complements (old), Dayaday / pulseras

- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas
- shawl, NafNaf (old) / chal
- crochet hairpin / horquilla de ganchillo
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, detall

Remember: Saturday is a perfect moment to wear Red and share your style!!.

Recordad que el Sábado es una ocasión perfecta para ir de Rojo y compartirlo.

11 comentarios:

  1. Oooh, I love these colors together! I think I'm going to see if I can do the same combo today. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. glad you like them, dear lady, it's wonderful to read your comment!

  2. I think leggings are the greatest fashion innovation of the decade! I need to get more colors. Love the purple and blue!

    I always change my clothes when I come home from work so I can really relax (and be a slob).

    1. oh yes, leggings are funny and comfy!, and also a great yes to be a slob!

  3. Such a lovely color combination! Leggings are super comfy - it's like going out in your PJs! :) I don't dress up when I am home - I love being totally comfortable. I can change my outfit in the middle of the day for whatever reason - just for fun or changing activities or changing weather.
    You are always an inspiration!

  4. I love your colour combinations and I too love leggings! I haven't found a source for nice coloured ones though so mine are all black or gray.
    I do sometimes change my clothes throughout the day. Our weather is a bit variable so sometimes I change due to a weather change, sometimes I wear a nice outfit for only a few hours to go somewhere and then put on something more casual when I get home.

  5. love the outfits! I very rarely get changed. Lazy!

  6. These colours just sing! Wonderful use of leggings, you've proved they don't have to be the dowdy uniform so many women adopt and can look super stylish and cool! xxx

  7. So wonderful my dear, I love the colours and I like the use of the leggings as well. I think they are fun to wear and perfect for every day use!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend :))) Xxx

  8. Teal and purple isn't a colour combination I would have thought of, but it looks great! Once the weather gets warmer, my leggings are banished to the storage trunk, but it's been so cold here, I'm still wearing them under dresses and skirts. I have to change into clothing that is "rat-friendly" when I get home, as Fred has chewed holes in a couple of my favourite sweaters!

  9. Hi there!
    I nominated you for the Liebster award!! In my blog you will find the rules. Let me know if you
    decide to participate.
    Hugs and kisses!!