viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

red dresses

As a huge fan of red dresses, I was under the uncertain belief that I owned a lot of them. But I've realized there are just two red dresses into my wardrobe, and any of them is a winter dress.
I'm discovering some other ridiculous facts while doing the stocktaking and deciding what's going to go out. For example, I've just realized I own seven short sleeved black t-shirts, and no less than nine black pants. Some favorites are going to be stored for a time, waiting for a gothic mood return. But most of them will be donated to charity. Because I think this is very useful to have my wardrobe working at full throttle.
What do you think about drawing up an inventory of your clothes?
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Como me encantan los vestidos rojos, estaba convencida de que tenía que haber unos cuantos en mi armario, pero resulta que sólo tengo dos, y ninguno de invierno.
Estoy descubriendo algunos otros hechos sorprendentes mientras hago un inventario y decido de qué deshacerme. Por ejemplo, resulta que tengo siete camisetas negras de manga corta y nada menos que nueve pantalones negros. Los favoritos los voy a guardar hasta que me vuelva el momento gótico, pero la mayoría van a ir al contenedor de ropa para organizaciones de caridad. Y así creo que voy a conseguir tener un vestuario a pleno rendimiento.
¿Qué pensáis sobre hacer un inventario de lo que tenéis en el armario?

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- dress, Asos (old) / vestido
- sandals, El Naturalista (last summer) / sandalias, del verano pasado
- cardigan, Adolfo Domínguez (a present), years ago / chaquetita, un regalo, de hace años
- little beret, a present / boinita, un regalo
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local

- dress, Savage Culture / vestido
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- sandals, Wonders (last summer) / sandalias, del verano pasado
- cardigan, ebay / chaquetita punto
- pendant, by Tamera / colgante
- bracelets, Dayaday, flea market / pulseras, Dayaday, mercadillo.

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  1. Oh I love the red dresses - you have styled them both so well. Is that lace at the bottom of the ASOS one, or is it part of the dress? it looks so pretty. The dress with the floral border is really unusual - is that a cat on it? As always your accessories are just divine.

    1. that lace is just a slip poking out, it's a funny detail!!
      And there's a crazy cat on the red dress and some other embroidered absurd figures!

  2. Mira que me gusta el rojo, pero como tú no tengo más que un par de vestidos de ese color.
    Es una idea interesante la de hacer inventario de ropa. Sin pensar mucho creo que me saldrían muchas camisetas blancas, son un básico para verano y para invierno, por fuera y por dentro.


  3. Red is one of my power colours - I feel more confident and more "Me" when I wear it. You look great in red, and you've done some kick ass styling here, particularly with the second outfit. I never thought of pairing red with yellow until I started seeing some of my blogger sisters doing it.

  4. All I want is a big space to hang everything in. I have an old house and have my clothes in 3 closets and 2 chest of drawers in 3 different rooms. Hm......maybe I have too much stuff.

    Don't get me started on those purple leggings, love them

  5. Darling I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first outfit!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    I think I might freak out if I do an inventory of my frocks....I'm pretty sure I have two plain red ones, however. I need more! I need a frock in every colour and every pattern for every occasion!

  6. Lovely combinations of color. You look fabulous. I am, as I write going through my closet getting ready to post ebay auctions.

    Barbara @

  7. Mrs. Allnut, you are a vision in red! I simply love the peakaboo lace under your red dress! So charming and so you! Speaking of red, I admit it's not a color I tend to wear. Like you, my closet abounds with black garments. I think I've been in the Goth phase since I was 17! ha! That said, my sister sent me a red dress as a birthday present. It's absolutely stunning and I think it is the perfect piece for the fall. I'm still in Spain, by the way. Besos, amiga! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Red is so you!!! Isn't it weird when we do a wardrobe inventory and discover there are things we expected to have more of and other things we wish we had less of? We have to move house in a few months and I'm terrified! xoxo

  9. Red is beautiful on you and I love your accessorizes ! I'm always checking my wardrobe to take off what I don't like anymore, but I still have a huuuuge wardrobe ! It's difficult for me to let the shoes go !

  10. Oh I do love a red dress, and red is such a strong and beautiful colour on you. I wouldn't dare do a wardrobe inventory... But I don't have too many duplicates, at least my dresses are all different colours and prints. That's my excuse anyway! xxxx

  11. No me cansaré de decirlo: qué bien te queda el rojo. Yo aun tardaré en hacer inventario, donde vivo el otoño es bastante cálido.

  12. Ya sabes cómo adoro tus vestidos rojos, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Ya estoy de vuelta, amiga mía.
    Te unes el viernes a rayas en Share -in-Style?

  13. You look fantastic in red-- love both outfits!!
    i've been inventorying and purging my closet like mad lately!

  14. Sabes, ayer vi la campaña de la nueva temporada de Dolce y Gabanna con unos vestidos rojos de encaje maravillosos.... ya sabes que yo no soy de rojos, ni de DyG, pero de ser megamillonaria no lo dudaría.....