viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

leggings & dresses

I'm used to wear leggings under short dresses, not only for the interesting layering, but also for comfort. It's an easy way to avoid my legs rubbing, and I can sit on wherever I want, steps, banks or public transports seats!. I own a lot of viscose leggings, it's a really cooling fabric, so much better than usual cotton fabrics!.
And I'm wearing for the first time a purple printed dress, purchased on sales just for a few euros!. Waiting for last time opportunities sometimes results in good bargains!

Tengo costumbre de llevar leggings debajo de los vestidos cortos, no sólo porque la superposición me parezca interesante, sino sobre todo por comodidad. Es la forma más fácil de evitar las rozaduras, y puedes sentarte donde te dé la gana, escalones, bancos o asientos en los transportes públicos!. Tengo un montón de leggings de viscosa, un tejido muy fresco, mucho más que el punto de algodón que suele ser más habitual.
Y estoy estrenando un vestido estampado morado, que conseguí en las rebajas muy barato. A veces esperar a la última hora en rebajas proporciona muy buenas oportunidades!

- dress, self made / vestido, confección casera
- leggings, C&A
- black cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta negra
- sandals, Brako (old) / sandalias
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local
- necklace, Aïta (old) / collar

- dress, Festa / vestido
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- sandals, Romus / sandalias
- shawl, a present (old) / chal, un regalo
- crocheted starfishes / estrellas de mar ganchilleadas

11 comentarios:

  1. I love the purple dress and leggings. Purple really suits you - it is my favourite colour.

  2. yes to leggings under dresses and skirts! No to sweaty, rashy thighs!

  3. I love your tunic in the first photo:) Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  4. I love leggings in winter for warmth!! I wear divided slips (pettipants) in the summer under skirts to keep from thigh rub!
    The dress you made is FABULOUS!!! I need to add more stuff in prints like that to my wardrobe!
    I love the purple dress, too! Especially set off my your fab hair ornanments!

    1. i also wear pettipants under skirts, in the summer to avoid rubbing, in the winter over my tights to avoid they stick to fabric and move my skirts all around my waist!, pettipants are fabulous!

  5. I'm all about leggings. Love that top look especially!

  6. I love your bold graphic dress! Fantastic outfit, even better when it's self-made. You definitely have the EYE. And I agree about leggings. They really give me confidence when wearing something to MOVE. Your purple outfit also proves that even though it's hard to hold on for the sales, it's certainly worth it.

  7. I love that me-made dress and you wear leggings so well! That purple dress was a real bargain, it's fabulous and one of my favourite colours, too! x

  8. Yo suelo llevar leggins con jerseys cortos, y uno de los mejores inventos son los jeggins, comodidad absoluta. Me gusta mucho el vestido morado.

  9. Leggings under short frocks are simply marvellous aren't they? Today I was rummaging around on my hands and knees in an op shop looking for vintage coat hangers and it took me a few seconds to realise I was wearing a very short dress. But ... I was also wearing leggings ... nothing to see here people! HA!!!! xoxoxo