lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

black & round

Every summer the moment arrives when wearing a total black outfit become very appealing to me. Not only because I like the contradiction in it (wearing black in summer!), but also because I like to pay a tribute to that remaining part of the girl all dressed in black that I was. So I'm almost totally dressed in black, wearing an old dress as a summer coat, and I was perfectly comfortable in our 62Fº morning. Pleasant temperatures today!
Linking to Visible Monday, staying visible and fighting the Monday blues!

Cada verano llega el momento en que me apetece muchísimo vestirme de negro. Y no sólo es porque me guste la contradicción de ir de negro en verano, sino porque también me gusta reivindicar lo que queda de la chica vestida toda de negro que una vez fui. Así que allá voy, vestida de negro casi por completo y llevando un viejo vestido a modo de sobretodo de verano, y perfectamente cómoda en una mañana a unos 17ºC: al fin temperaturas agradables!
Enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday, porque hay que seguir visible y combatir esa monotonía famosa de los lunes!

And I'm showing you for the first time my new round glasses. They're not only vintage styled, but also include a glasses case on the same mood (really cute!)

Y también estreno mis nuevas gafas redondas, que además de ser de un estilo muy vintage, además incluyen una funda en el mismo estilo, un detalle!.

- pants, Festa / pantalón
- t-shirt, Festa (old) / camiseta
- old linen dress worn as a summer coat / viejo vestido de lino a modo de chaqueta
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias
- earrings, very old / pendientes, antiquísimos
- bracelets, Sfera and retail (old) / pulseras
- new glasses, Indo Vintage / nuevas gafas, Indo Vintage

11 comentarios:

  1. Mmmm, a dress as a coat is so fabulous for cool mornings. You look wonderful, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xoxo

  2. I like the new glasses! I used to wear mostly black in the summer when I was in my 20's and 30's and it's only been in the last 10 years or so that I've acquired much more colour in my wardrobe. I still have days where black seems like the only thing to wear.

  3. You look stunning - I'm not used to seeing you in monochrome but you look fantastic. Those glasses are cool! Besos! x

  4. New reader here. You look fantastic in black (I wear black in the summer too)! with the splashes of colour/texture and different designs (your earrings and bangles as well as those lovely retro glasses). Val

  5. I've been tiring to find round glasses for years. I had a cool pair for about 15 years. Love them.

  6. love your outfit!!
    I'm really taken with the new glasses!! i'm due to get new ones this fall and they are just what I'm looking for!!

  7. I wear much less black these days than I used to, but I feel the need sometimes too! The print of the trousers and your fabulous jewellery break up the monochrome nicely, and your new glasses are wonderful! xxxx

  8. The whole ensemble is awesome! Black is my favourite colour too.
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  9. I like the almost black outfit
    I don't wear much black,well we all know that!
    I like the round glasses, perfect on you ,i tried round glasses but i don't have the face for it



  10. Sera todo negro pero... ya le das tu variedad con estampado y texturas. Los colores los desparramas a cuenta gotas en los complementos (pulseras, zapatos, bolso y pendientes) lo que los hace mas memorables. Me gusta y mucho, muy chic.

  11. Sometimes nothing will do but black. Nothing makes such a statement, and in black you can easily disappear or be the center of attention. Your choice! How different you look, but as beautiful as always. You wear it with summer flare ... such pretty pants!