lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

here comes the sun

Sometimes I think Mondays are not so dull as many people used to say, particularly when I'm wearing a new selfmade dress!. It's not really a master piece, but anyway it's nice to wear it on a sunny day!
And there's another reason to enjoy Mondays, it's time to Visible Monday, so let's enjoy it!

A veces pienso que los lunes no son tan aburridos como mucha gente dice por ahí, en especial si estoy estrenando el último vestido que me he hecho. No es que sea una obra maestra, pero da gusto estrenarlo en un día tan soleado!.
Y hay otra razón para disfrutar de los lunes, porque es el momento de ser visibles en otro Visible Monday, así que disfrutemos de ello!

- shirt, Punto Roma (sales) / camisa
- leggings, La Redoute
- maryjanes, El Naturalista / merceditas
- very old trench / gabardina antigüita
- scarf, an old sarong / chal, un pareo de hace siglos
- sunnies, Asos / gafas de sol

12 comentarios:

  1. That is a darling dress you made, Señora! Thanks for sharing your fab look with Visible Monday xoxo

  2. It is always nice to start the week on a good note and you look fab!
    ~Anne xx

  3. I think it's a masterpiece, it makes me happy just to see it! I love a Monday especially a pre-Glastonbury Monday! Besos! xxx

  4. Pero qué arte tienes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    le haces sombra a las rosas.
    Aquí en el sur sufriendo las horribles temperaturassssssssssss.

  5. I LOOVE that dress you made, the bold print of the fabric is outstanding, and no wonder you like Monday wearing this! Finally, sun at last for you. Soak it up, have a lemonade. Time to celebrate the dress and the sun.

  6. Mondays just keep on coming, so we have to make the best of them, which you certainly have!!
    I love the fabric you've chosen, your frock is FABULARSE!!! Nice job!

  7. Te le has hecho tú?? está chulísimo! yo estoy aprendiendo ahora a coser a máquina un poco :-)

  8. You are like a ray of sunshine--i adore that dress!

  9. The print on your DIY dress is wonderful, great fun. Love turquoise and orange together. Monday? Just another opportunity to look fabulous, right?! Xxxxx

  10. Smashing graphics! Wonderful tunic ... so modern and the scarf adds the perfect touch.

  11. Wonderful tunic! I love the print, you styled it perfect!

    Ariane xx

  12. Fun graphics, you look great. Bold and visible pattern creates a happy feeling!

    blue hue wonderland