jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

white jeans & purple

Mrs. Allnut getting ready to afront another incursion on grocery store, posing with her brave companion, mr. trolley.

La Señora Allnut preparándose para afrontar otra incursión en la tienda de comestibles, posando con su bravo ayudante, el carrito.

Heroic pose by courtesy of SunInTheEyes.

Pose heroica por gentileza de SolEnLosOjos.

- white jeans, La Redoute / vaqueros blancos
- t-shirt, C&A / camiseta
- sneakers, Reebok / deportivas
- crochet cardi, by myself / chaqueta ganchillo, hecha por mí
- puffy coat, very old / acolchado, antigüito
- trolley, Rolser / carrito

11 comentarios:

  1. Funny, I always seem to catch you right as you post. I love the crochet cardi you made. So cute and a great color mixed with purple.
    I didn't know they made little carts quite like that one. I just have one that is a metal frame and you have to strap what you buy to it. I need one like yours!
    I live in a neighborhood that's great for walking to stores, etc...and I enjoy carting things back with me like you do. I've gotten teased about it though. Like I'm a "Little Old Lady." But I enjoy it and am not going to stop!

    Happy New Year!

    1. love your comments!, so nice to read you!
      These little carts are very popular in Spain, I think every family has one at least!. They're a little 'granny style', but very useful companions!
      So nice we share our love for walking to stores!

  2. I love Mr Trolley! A funky, useful and helpful companion, just like a man should be!
    Love those cool purple trainers and that blast of gorgeous sunshine! Besos! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous in your purple and magenta!!

  4. You look splendiferous in the sun wearing purple! I love the leap of white against the rich purple color. Wishing you mucho besos! You are a REAL woman, for sure, lovely Senora!

  5. Que raro verte con pantalones vaqueros, pero te quedan genial. Muy deportiva para afrontar el mercado en estos días de barullo en pescaderías y carnicerías.

  6. Hope you are having a good weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  7. I love the white jeans, you dress really cute and chic.