sábado, 27 de enero de 2018

skirts & mild winter

I've been a little bit lazy on wearing skirts, not particularly because of the skirts themselves, but because of some issues with shoes. I'm used to wearmy midi skirts with boots, but my feet have been fussy (once more) and it's difficult to put on a knee high boot when bending your foot hurts!. However, we have had some mild winter days, so I've worn my skirts with comfy brogues (or even sneakers!) without freezing!. Don't think that's the way it always is!

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He estado muy perezosa a la hora de ponerme faldas, no por las faldas en sí, sino porque he tenido mis problemillas con el calzado. Suelo ponerme faldas a media pierna con botas, pero resulta que mis pies me han estado molestando (otra vez) y es difícil calzarse botas altas cuando te duele al doblar el pie. Pero hemos tenido unos días bastante templados, así que me he puesto faldas con zapatos cómodos o incluso con zapatillas, sin congelarme. No os creáis que es así siempre!
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- skirt, sewed by me (Ikea fabric) ages ago / falda, costura casera con tela del Ikea, hace años
- jacket, ebay (second hand) / chaqueta, segunda mano, ebay
- brogues, Hotter (old) / zapatos
- coat, clearance sale, last winter / abrigo, de liquidación, del año pasado
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- bag, Nonapapallona / bolso, Nonapapallona

- skirt, sewed by me (Ikea fabric) ages ago / falda, costura casera con tela del Ikea, hace años
- cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto
- sneakers, adidas (outlet) / zapatillas
- coat, Lighthouse / abrigo
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, tienda local
- new shawl, retail / nuevo chal, de tienda local

11 comentarios:

  1. I love the patterns on the skirts.

    I am also partial to wearing my skirts with boots, especially in winter. I hope your feet start to feel better soon.

    Gotta say, I'm loving those red sneakers!


  2. Both your skirts are fabulous, but the orange one really has the wow factor. I do wear boots, or booties, all through Winter, but yesterday I got bored and wore some brogues I picked up a couple of months ago but hadn't worn yet. And who says you can't wear trainers with a skirt? Especially if they're a lovely red colour like yours. Hope your fussy feet start behaving again soon! Besos xxx

  3. I have an offcut of that orange fabric! Nice to see what you did with it.
    Skirts can be tricky things to pair with for some strange reason. I love your brogues, and have just found some second hand. Will have fun with them when the weather cools. I hope your feet recover soon in their lovely shoes! Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Your skirts are gorgeous, Monica, and I am glad you found the way to wear them with different shoes! I love how elegant brogues look, such a classy style. Great outfit, love the pattern mixing there! And your red sneakers are fantastic with this skirt and blue tights! I wear sneakers with a skirt when I go on a walk too!

    PS A friend of mine, a wonderful lady, is moving to Spain. I would like to recommend your blog to her, if you don't mind. I thought it might be helpful, just in case she has some questions about your country and culture. She is absolutely wonderful, warm, wise, intelligent (and has a gorgeous style too). I will miss her so much.

    1. of course, I'll answer any question your friend could ask me! and I'll happy to do it!
      (please, feel free to email me and ask any question, dear Natalia's friend!)

    2. Thank you, my dear Monica! You are so kind! <3

  5. Monica, you're orange skirt is fabulous. I love both the colour and the pattern and the short jacket is brilliant with it. I also really enjoyed your colourful floral skirt with the blue tights and red sneakers/trainers.

    I'm very inspired by your lovely crochet berets to try crocheting one myself; there must be a pattern out there somewhere. I've almost finished one blanket' have two more lined up to do and then I can start looking.

    Hope your mild weather continues; ours is mild at at the present moment, too.

    1. I found this pattern years ago, but I revamp it 'on the go'. If you're interested, tell me and I'll send it by email (if you wish)

  6. Both of your sewn skirts are just FABULOUS!! I love that orange one!

  7. I love both of your skirts, but especially the orange one! It's awesome! :) XXX



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