jueves, 5 de enero de 2023

Twelfth Night

I'm back to business as usual after some free days during which I kept myself away from computers. Totally focused on family and fun!. My parents have been at my home for ten days, so we have enjoyed some typical celebrations (which don't involve presents) and also enjoyed some typical dishes together (which don't involve turkey). And now we're celebrating the last holiday in this (spanish style) long festive season, the Twelfth Night, Epiphany or Reyes Magos. We don't get involved in the shopping frenzy, neither interested in watching any cavalcade but do enjoy some cake, because, you know, it's a tradition!

De vuelta a la vida de cada día después de unos cuantos días de vacaciones, durante los cuales me mantuve bien lejos de los ordenadores, estuve centrada en la familia y en pasarlo bien. Mis padres han estado en casa unos diez días, así que hemos tenido las típicas celebraciones (aunque no hacemos regalos) y también los platos típicos. Y ahora ya sólo nos queda celebrar la última festividad, los Reyes Magos. Tampoco nos hemos involucrado en las compras frenéticas, ni tampoco nos interesa mucho ver las cabalgatas, pero sí que disfrutaremos del roscón, porque por supuesto ¡es una tradición! ;D
The very first day at work deserves a comfortable outfit and some accessorizing too. I picked some bronze and amber jewellery to brighten a cloudy day!. My massive black coat is not particularly warm, but good for layering (lots of room!). That black jacket is nearly twenty years old. Self sewed trousers and one of my old striped t-shirts (by CandA). Camper shoes. Old bag by Emily The Strange.

El primer día de trabajo se merece ir cómoda y también un poco de bisutería, que elegí en tonos bronce y ámbar, para darle un poco de luz a un día muy nublado. Este abrigo negro no es especialmente grueso, pero va muy bien para superponerse, deja mucho espacio para moverse. La chaqueta negra tiene cerca de veinte años. Pantalón de costura propia y una de mis clásicas camisetas de rayas del CandA. Zapatos de Camper. Y un bolso antigüito de Emily The Strange.

Same coat the next day. Actually I made the most of its layering properties, wore it over another coat (even if it's a lightweight one!). Doubled coat and all I was really comfortable!. Red coat by La Redoute (some years old). Plaid dress sewed by me, years ago. Tights by Snag, shoes by Camper, pendant by Ciclón.

El mismo abrigo al día siguiente. Creo que le saqué partido a este abrigo, superponiéndolo sobre otro (aunque se trata de un abriguito ligero). Dos abrigos y todo, iba muy cómoda. El abrigo rojo es de La Redoute, hace años. Vestido de cuadros de costura propia, de hace años. Medias Snag, zapatos Camper, colgante de Ciclón.
Well wrapped in my second hand shearling coat and a new scarf (retail shopped at Eme). I wore my 'Eye of Horus' dress, a design by Ramonak workshop, love to support some local businesses. Old bolero jacket by CandA. Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal.

Bien envuelta en mi abrigo de piel vuelta de segunda mano y esta nueva bufanda que compré en Eme. Este vestido lleva un diseño hecho por Ramonak workshop, todo negocios locales!. La chaquetita de punto es antigüita del CandA. Y el habitual bolso de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal.
Best wishes!

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  1. Happy New Year to you!
    Three Kings Cake is a tradition here as well, but I didn't make one this year. I just adore that beautiful big coat, and the multi coloured scarf is gorgeous. I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

  2. Happy New Year! Fabulous layered outfits, Monica. The view looks absolutely wonderful. I'm very envious of the light and clear skies, England's like a land of eternal dusk in Winter.
    I'd love to know about the cake tradition. xxx

  3. Happy New Year, Monica! It must have been lovely to have your parents with you over the holidays. Totally getting you wearing a comfortable outfit for your first day back at work! That massive black coat is a stunner and I'm loving all of your outfits, which have the ability to brighten up the dullest of January days. Love that final photo. I'm glad to see that, unlike us, you've been having blue skies and sunshine! Oh, and we have the Epiphany (Three Kings) cake tradition here as well. At least, I think it's the same ... Besos xxx

  4. Happy New Year! Glad you enjoyed the festive period in your own way.

    I love that black coat; it's so stylish. I'm surprised it isn't a warm coat as it looks as if it should be. Beautiful outfits and lovely accessories. The new scarf is amazing!

  5. Happy New Year, and here's to celebrating any way you feel like it! I don't think I could stand relatives for that long, but it sounds like you had a good time with your folks, Monica!

    I love your black/white/red outfits - I have been heavily leaning towards black and white lately.

  6. all the best for 2023 to you!!
    the black coat is really a gorgeous piece - its very chic and unique AND practical - and looks good with very different outfits. total win! (my 2.hand loden coat is like that - love it).
    your home sewn tartan dress is very cute - perfect to brighten a gray winter day :-D
    the celebrations with your family sound lovely and relaxed...... the way it should be....

  7. Great looks. Happy New Year and happy fashion.