miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2021

work & walk

The weather is still quite warm but chilly in the mornings, so I have to wear a coat when going to work even if I can go for a walk in short sleeves in the evening. Sometimes we have a thermal oscillation of 20ºC (68ºF) between early morning and midday (which is completely normal in spring too). This is the part of the story about The Sunny Spain that nobody tells you!.
It was a stroke of luck that I found this skirt when rummaging at the Sunday street market. It's a cotton fabric, my size, some favourite colours, and it has Pockets!. And only for 1€. I couldn't resist!. My friend M., who is usually my rummaging pal, noticed the colours of the skirt first and pointed it to me. It's so much better to go thrifting with friends, I had missed it!.

El tiempo sigue siendo bastante templado pero fresquito por la mañana, así que tengo que ponerme un abrigo cuando voy a trabajar, aunque luego vaya en manga corta por la tarde. A veces hay una oscilación térmica de 20ºC de la mañana al mediodía, algo completamente normal también en primavera. Esta es la parte que no se suele contar sobre nuestro maravilloso clima.
Tuve un golpe de suerte encontrando esta falda cuando estaba curioseando en el mercadillo del domingo. Es de algodón, de mi talla, con colores que me gustan, y hasta tiene Bolsillos. Y todo esto por 1€. ¡No pude resistirme!. Fue mi amiga M., que suele ser mi compañera de compras de segunda mano, quien vió primero los colores de la falda y me la señaló. Y es que es muchísimo mejor ir de mercadillos con amigas, ¡lo había echado de menos!
- wool coat, clearance sale (old) / abrigo de paño, de una liquidación
- brocade pink jacket, a present by Sacramento / chaqueta de brocado rosa, un regalo de Sacramento
- tights ? (old) / medias
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas
- graphic t-shirt from a local Theatre Festival (old) / camiseta, de un festival de teatro
- vintage neckerchief (old) / pañuelo vintage
- cork bag, Fine Cork Bag (old) / bolso de corcho
- ring and earrings, Ciclón / anillo y pendientes, Ciclón
- brooch, made by me (epoxy resin on photocopy and beads) / broche, hecho por mí (resina epoxi sobre una fotocopia y unas cuentas)
- sneakers (below), Adidas outlet / zapatillas (debajo)
Have a fabulous slow fashion Autumn!

10 comentarios:

  1. What a fun outfit, Monica, and I agree, thrifting with a friend is so much better. It has really been far too long since I went thrift shopping with my former thrifting pal. I love the pattern mixing of the skirt and graphic t-shirt, and how the similar colours bring it all together! And yay, I love it that it's the season for colourful opaques again! A difference of 20°C between early morning and midday sounds really annoying. You've got to have your layering skills down to a t, which you really do! Besos xxx

    1. Glad you like this matchy outfit and also glad that you're welcoming the opaques season!.
      I'm still missing some friends who live far away, but it's good to have some social life again (even if I'm quite introverted!)

  2. What a brilliant find - and bargain! You are very matchy, matchy in the best possible way and look absolutely beautiful!

  3. that skirt is gorgeous!!
    your friend has a good eye. love how you´r wearing it with that fun t-shirt, coloured tights and a the pretty jacket....
    20°C temperatur difference in one day in spring or fall is usual here too - the lowest temps often in the frost part :-D

    1. Totally agree that my friend has a good eye, we make a good team and have found our best pieces when thrifting together!
      It looks even more annoying to have such an oscillation in one day if the temperatures are freezing cold in the early morning!.

  4. That is a SWEET skirt - what a great friend to point that out! I love the colours - this will go with so much in your wardrobe. Your Hamlet tee is fun - love that.

  5. What a lovely - and eagle-eyed friend to point out that lovely skirt, it looks fabulous with the cool tee shirt and glorious blue tights! xxx

  6. I miss having someone along for thrifting.
    Those tights and shoes are gorgeous together.
    Have a great week.

  7. That skirt is great, and goes so well with the Hamlet T-shirt. What a fun outfit! It must be tricky dressing for such a big change in temperature if you're out all day.