miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2021

August & Summer

The weather is looking more autumnal and we're having storms today, but I'm posting some of my August outfits when it was hotter and I wore some floral dresses and summery clothes.
I've never been a huge fan of Summer and August has always been a dull and boring month in my book, but I'm changing my mind and embracing a more relaxed attitude concerning lifestyle, people and Everything in general. It's not that I've become a summer lover, but I've learned to make the most of it, and I'm grateful for having had only one heatwave!.

El tiempo se está volviendo más otoñal, con tormentas y granizo hoy mismo, pero yo sigo publicando cosas de agosto, cuando hacía más calor y me ponía estos vestidos de flores y ropa más veraniega.
Nunca me ha entusiasmado el verano y agosto me ha parecido siempre mortecino y aburrido (son cosas mías), pero voy cambiando de opinión y adoptando una actitud más relajada acerca de los modos de vida de la gente y de todo en general. No es que me vaya a hacer aficionada al verano ahora, pero he aprendido a sacarle partido, y este año estoy agradecida de que sólo hayamos tenido Una ola de calor.
This is the church of San Bartolomé, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city. I have a weakness for this romanesque façade, and have taken photos here many times (last one on Febr2021)

Esta es la iglesia más antigua de la ciudad, y una fachada románica muy bonita, que me gusta mucho fotografiar (la última vez fue en Febr2021)
- dress, second hand, eBay (months ago) / vestido de segunda mano, ebay, hace meses
- necklace, a present / collar, un regalo
- sandals, Chiruca outlet (old) / sandalias
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja
I've worn my last sewing project last week. I've added a strip of fabric on each side of these trousers, which were too tight. Actually, they always were a little bit tight but became uncomfortable when sitting and 'only standing' trousers is something I don't bear. Uncomfortable clothes don't last in my wardrobe!.

He estrenado mi último proyecto de costura: le he añadido una tira a cada costado a estos pantalones, porque me quedaban estrechos. En realidad siempre me han quedado justitos, pero se volvieron incómodos al sentarme y no le veo sentido a tener unos pantalones sólo para estar de pie. No aguanto la ropa incómoda y se acabó.

- trousers, Festa (old) / pantalón
- turquoise shirt, second hand, Sunday street market / camisa turquesa, de segunda mano del mercadillo
- sandals, Chiruca outlet (old) / sandalias
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de mercadillo solidario
- shawl, retail (old) / chal, tienda local

This is my latest revamp. This old pair of clogs were originally off-white. I still don't know why I bought a pair of shoes in a typically neutral colour which doesn't suit my style and never will do. Finally, they were sent to the cobbler to be dyed in this orange shade. This idea was inspired by Sheila and her fabulous shoes collection. Orange is the new orange!.

Esta es la última ocurrencia que he tenido; tenía hace tiempo estos zapatos en un color blanco roto, que no me iba nada bien (no sé porqué compré zapatos en semejante color!) y decidí llevarlos al zapatero a que me los tiñera de un tono naranja. La inspiración vino de la colección de zapatos de la fabulosa Sheila. ¡El naranja me va mucho mejor!

- massive flower skirt, made of a strapless dress (second hand) / falda de la flor enorme, hecha de un vestido sin tirantes de segunda mano
- top, eBay (second hand) / blusa, de segunda mano, eBay

Hope you're safe and as fabulous as possible

Espero que sigáis bien y todo lo estupendas que podáis.

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  1. I can see why you have a weakness for that facade! It's absolutely stunning. Love the new to you dress from eBay - and the matching sandals. Well done on adding the strip to the trousers; they look fab and of course the massive flower skirt always looks wonderful on you. Brilliant accessories as always!

  2. I would be posing there every day - I'm drooling over all that architecture! I love that dress on you - it looks so good. Well done on the trousers - I would love to do that to a few pairs of my favourites that don't have any stretch (eee!), but it's beyond my skills at sewing. Wow, amazing how good the shoes look! Thank you so much for the shout-out, my dear! Hooray for shoes that work in your wardrobe again!

    I always hated summer, but I have learned to embrace the extremes of weather a bit better.

  3. Orange shoes!!! I have no idea if our cobbler dyes shoes, but I 'm certainly going to ask now that you've done it. Great fix on the uncomfortable trousers.

  4. The facade of the church of San Bartolomé is absolutely stunning, and I'm loving that gorgeous dress you're wearing.
    You did a great job on those trousers, making them less tight-fitting and adding more interest with that contrasting side stripe at the same time! Your last outfit is my favourite, a true sight for sore eyes with all my favourite colours. Those orange clogs are to die for. What a great idea sending them to the cobbler's for a revamp! Now they are totally you! Besos xxx

  5. San Bartolomé looks absolutely incredible, Jon and I really do need visit your part of the world!
    I love your summery clothes, that red dress is beautiful on youu. A great fix on the trousers and the dyed shoes rock! xxx

  6. That church is incredible. I showed Pete your blog and said "This is why we need to go La Rioja - look how lovely it is!"

    Your outfits are fab. I like the trouser alteration - it works really well.

  7. The sandals look great in that wonderful shade of orange. I like the stripe you added to the trousers - my friend Melanie did something similar to a pair of trousers that were too tight.

    The facade of that church is magnificent!