viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

floral sundresses

I've worn some of my floral sundresses last days, and captured these moments using my mobile phone, because that's the way it happened. You know, I'm a bad egoblogger, never plan anything and I make almost everything 'on the go'!.
I'm going to stay on sick leave until september, and that's not good news, but I'm glad there's no pain and I can still enjoy some (short) walks. And there's also a swimming pool nearby!. So I've had to change all my fabulous planned excursions into less adventurous activities.

He estado llevando algunos vestidos veraniegos estos días, y estos momentos quedaron capturados en mi móvil, porque así es como salió todo. Ya sabéis, soy una egoblogger fatal, nunca planeo nada y todo lo voy haciendo sobre la marcha!
Seguiré de baja hasta septiembre, y no son buenas noticias, pero me alegra no tener ninguna molestia, y todavía puedo salir a dar una vuelta (corta). Y hay una piscina cerca!. Así que he tenido que cambiar las fabulosas excursiones que tenía planeadas por actividades menos aventureras!

- floral dress, custom made by Eme (last year) / vestido de flores, hecho a medida en Eme (el año pasado)
- blue sandals, Wonders / sandalias azules
- yellow cardi, ebay (old) / chaquetita amarilla, ebay
- necklaces, one is vintage and another was a present / collares, vintage y un regalo
- poppies dress, LadyVLondon (old) / vestido de amapolas
- red sandals, Clarks (old) / sandalias rojas
- black shirt, Cortefiel (old) / camisa negra
- bag, Parfois (last summer) / bolsito
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, un regalo de Sacramento
- bracelets, Sfera (ages ago) / pulseras, de hace años

5 comentarios:

  1. Both dresses are gorgeous as is that fabulous doorway you're posing in front of.
    Hope you heal very soon! xxx

  2. Monica, you are gorgeous in that poppy dress!!! I LOVE it :oD
    Not that the other dress is anyway horrible (it's a beauty) BUT you really REALLY suit that black and red combination.
    I mean WOW.
    And your necklace looks my kind of thing.

  3. Oooooh I love your chrysanthemum dress! I love those flowers - such big, heady flowers. So pretty.
    Glad to hear you're not in any pain.

  4. That pink floral dress teamed with the short-sleeved yellow cardi is beautiful! Hope it'll get better soon, but at least you're not in pain. xxx

  5. Fantastic dresses, and so well accessorized! I am glad that you are in no pain and can go swimming! I also love the pool near my home, it's lovely. :) Get well soon!