jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

tall boots

I really like tall boots, but I restrain myself from buying any other pair. I own two pairs (black and tan), they are in good condition and enough for our climate. I think I wear them two months a year, actually, and they take up a lot of room!!. Oh yes, that's very sensible, but I still pay attention to sales at local shoemakers!, and enjoy watching you fabulous ladies rocking your tall boots with lots of sassiness!!

Me gustan las botas altas, pero me contengo a la hora de comprar otro par, tengo ya dos pares (negro y marrón), que están en muy buen estado, y son más que suficiente para este clima. Creo que me las pongo dos meses al año, en realidad, y ocupan un montón de espacio en el armario. Sí, todo esto es muy razonable, pero sigo pendiente de las rebajas de las zapaterías locales, y disfruto viendo en los blogs cómo lucís botas altas con total fabulosidad!

- coat, very old / abrigo antigüito
- jacket, ebay / chaqueta
- blue turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto azul
- skirt, self sewed / falda, costura casera
- boots, Fly London (old) / botas
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local

10 comentarios:

  1. All the beautiful but lovely skirt!!!!

  2. Cute jacket! Love long boots. Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Lovely boots - it's funny how you feel different in long boots - well I do! Your skirt is fabulous and funky and I love how the red bag, scarf and top echo the skirt colours.

    A lovely cheerful outfit and you look fab in it! x


  4. This is a beautiful look! The vibrant colours and the delicious contrasts.....and THAT SKIRT!!!!
    I want/love/need...sigh.
    It is even cooler when I see that it is handmade.
    So much fun!

  5. I'm LOVING the skirt! So jealous!

    I need to show you my collection of tall boots. I don't want to count how many I own. Well, boots in general since I prefer them to shoes. I can wear boots 10 months of the year compared to your two, but I'd trade you in an instant for your weather : )


  6. Goodness me - that skirt is knockout! What a fantastic print. I need more detail about it please! Are they characters from a graphic novel, japnese anime...???


    1. it's a fabric I bought at a flea market (it's decorating fabric actually!) and it's a piece of an spanish comic which I was used to read when I was a teenager, called 'Esther y su mundo'. Some kind of nostalgic revival!

  7. yeah to tall boots. I'm really happy that shoe companies are making them with wider top. There's nothing as upsetting than trying on a pair of awesome boots and having the zipper stop a couple on inches from the top.

    1. oh yes, that's another reason to don't buy another pair of tall boots: it's difficult to find a pair which fits me!

  8. Great boots!! Tall boots are just so elegant and cozy for Winter! I haven't had any tall boots in many years, but when I bought a couple of pairs this season, I realized that I want to wear them almost exclusively all winter long (and winter is very mild here, it rarely gets cold - by cold I mean 0 C and below). I love this skirt, and I also want to wear turtlenecks and cozy jackets this winter more than anything else.