miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

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We've always liked to travel on September, particularly because we can avoid the masses, but also because it's cheap and weather is not really bad. This time we had to decide where to go in just a few days, so we choose a cheap travel to Prague, Budapest and Vienna, which included accommodation and breakfast. We've enjoyed a lot of walking through fabulous cities, really picturesque streets and markets and pubs and cafés, people was nice, beer was even nicer and I've got some pics to share with you.

Siempre preferimos viajar en septiembre, en especial porque evitas las multitudes, es más barato y, además, el tiempo es aún bastante aceptable. Esta vez tuvimos que decidir dónde ir sólo en un par de días, así que elegimos un viaje barato a Praga, Budapest y Viena, con alojamiento y desayuno. Hemos disfrutado de un montón de paseos por estas ciudades fabulosas, unas calles pintorescas, mercados, bares y cafés, el ambiente era estupendo, la cerveza aún más, y tengo unas pocas fotos para compartir.

Vienna, Ankeruhr (Anchor clock). And a pretty good coffee and apfelstrudel at Café Hawelka which I recommend you indeed.

Viena, Ankeruhr (reloj de ancla). Y un café buenísimo con apfelstrudel en el Café Hawelka, que os recomiendo de verdad.

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  1. Ooo, a proper coffee in Vienna. Magical!
    Sounds like a magical trip.

  2. Lovely photos from your travels:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. What a wonderful break, just the thing to get you both ready for the colder months. You look so fabulous together, you gorgeous pair! xxxx

  4. Yes, September is a great time to travel, and what lovely cities you visited. I wondered if the pic in your previous post was the Charles Bridge in Prague, but thought I might be wrong so didn't like to say! Great to see you both enjoying your break, and your coffee! xxx

  5. I love September and October, and like you said, for travel they are perfect.
    I love these travel photos in your last two posts!

  6. It looks wonderful :))) Adorable pictures :))) xx

  7. MMMM que envidia de viaje!!! has estado justo en los sitios que tengo en mi agenda y que áun no he podido visitar, me ha encantado leer esta entrada tanto que me quedo en tu blog con tu permiso :)

  8. I hope you have beautiful holidays !

  9. Mrs. Allnut, I was in Spain until mid September (the first time ever) and I have to say it was my favorite time! The weather was lovely, the crowds had long since gone home, and I had the beach practically to myself. I dream of visiting Prague! Did you like it the most? Or did Vienna steal your heart? That coffee and strudel look delicious! :)

    1. dear lady, I'm in love with Budapest, it's more romantic than Paris (and way cheaper!), but Prague is like a fairytale town, so it's difficult to pick one!. Prague is becoming too touristic but you still can enjoy the atmosphere if you avoid the most famous monuments.
      Budapest is Fabulous!