miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

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We're having my parents as visitors at home these days, and we celebrated my mom's birthday last saturday. I took some pics, but have no time to share them, and I'm still quite busy!. Anyway, I'm going to show off some pics of our family meal at a fancy restaurant!

Tenemos a mis padres de visita en casa estos días, y hemos celebrado el cumpleaños de mi madre el sábado pasado. Y, aunque tomé varias fotos, no había tenido tiempo ni de ponerlas, estoy muy liada. De todos modos, voy a presumir de comida familiar en un restaurante chulo!

Some apperitifs, like these red peppers stuffed with a bèchamel, mushrooms and prawns.

Algunos entrantes, como estos pimientos rellenos de bechamel de champiñones y gambas

Mr.A. had some fish and Dad chose some roast pork

Mr.A. pidió un pescado y mi padre cochinillo asado

A huge salad for me and Mom had a sirloin stick with tartar sauce

Una ensalada enorme para mí, y mi madre tomó solomillo con una salsa tártara.

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  1. Qué bien os cuidáis! Tu madre, como siempre, espectacular. Besos

  2. You and your Mum are just fabulous, so colourful and stylish. I bet you turn heads when you're out together. Good food and great company, what could be better? xxx

  3. Nice to meet your Mom - I say like VIx you are just fabulous, colorful and stylish_ I guess style runs in the family
    What a nice meal you had with your family



  4. You both look amazing!! Beautiful. Am happy you got to go and have a great time with them, the food looks ever delicious :))) Have a wonderful day doll xx

  5. Me gusta todo, tus padres y la comida.... y el vino.... que no falte el vino....

  6. Yum yum!! You and your mum look lovely-so stylish and happy together.

  7. I loooove the first photo! It's so fun to see mothers and daughters together. Happy Birthday to your Mom - she is beautiful, elegant, and she is a red head!! You both look lovely. I'd like to try that fish - looks fantastic. :) xxxx

  8. Dinner looks delicious, and I love the colour of your Mother's hair!

  9. The food looks both delicious and beautiful. And your mother has her own kind of flair - you have different styles, but I can see she's been an inspiration to you. Maybe it's just the hair color!



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