jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

tunic & coat

I stay wearing white jeans when raining and I've never understood why they're considered as not sensible cloth for rain, they can be washed like any other jean!.
Anyway, I'm wearing white jeans and summer tunics these days, just because I've unpacked all my summer clothes and I'm ready to enjoy them!. Weather is not being collaborative, but I've remembered some fabulous advices by The Citizen Rosebud about how to dress for spring, and I'm glad that some layers would be required!. Love layering!
And I've been mentioned on 10 blogs de moda con muchas curvas, thanks to lovely Carmen!

Sigo llevando vaqueros blancos cuando llueve, y no entiendo porqué se consideran prendas poco adecuadas para la lluvia, se lavan igual que cualquier otro vaquero!. De todos modos, los sigo llevando y también túnicas de verano, simplemente porque he sacado toda mi ropa de verano y la tengo lista para ponérmela. El clima no es que ayude mucho, pero leí una serie de consejos para vestirse en primavera en The Citizen Rosebud y me alegra que las superposiciones ayuden, porque es algo que me gusta!
Y me han mencionado en 10 blogs de moda con muchas curvas, así que gracias Carmen, eres un encanto!

- tunic and white jeans, La Redoute (very old) / túnica y vaquero blanco, antigüito
- puffy coat, Punto Roma (old) / abrigo acolchado
- maryjanes, El Naturalista / merceditas
- shawl, very old / chal, antigüito
- fuchsia bag, local shop / bolso, de una tienda local
- bracelets, Sfera and Stradivarius (old) / pulseras

12 comentarios:

  1. I just love you ur style. And that pink bag!!!! x

  2. Lovely! There is just no hope on the weather front this year :D I'll have to take a look at the suggestions as I'm really struggling here!

  3. me encanta ver tus looks me animan a vestirme de otra manera, porque sino siempre ando con ropa triste

  4. El paraguas desaparece con esa camiseta.

  5. Senora Fabulosa- I don't visit your page half as much as I would like, but when I do, you give me such joy! I love you in white jeans- layers, yay! And the bold colored scarf, swathed around your lovely neck. You are such sunshine, I bet the sky lights up when you go outside. Besos!!!! -Bella Q

  6. With your long shapely legs it would be a crime not to show them off in greeat fitting white jeans, it brings summer to the streets even if the weather isn't playing nicely! you rock! xxxx

  7. Love the white jeans very pretty on you!

  8. The weather has been all over the place here too! I love the splash of hot pink with your accessories.

  9. Oh the weather here has been awful too - rain and wind and hail!
    But never mind, you look gorgeous in your white jeans, blue and white are such a classic, fresh combination. xxx

  10. the weather here is horrid, too. one week below freezing, a few days later in the 90's and humid , rain, and now cold and rainy. UGH!!
    I'm loving you in your tunics and white jeans. Seeing these fab outfits makes me realize I NEED white jeans!!

  11. ¡Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado el post!

    Yo también tengo lista la ropa de primavera, pero con este tiempo tan inestable no hay manera...

  12. OOOH you know I LOOOVE hot pink! Stupid arbitrary rules... I don't understand them either! Wear what you want, when you want - you ALWAYS look fabulous!

    Sarah xxx